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Commonwealth by Century Properties is a prized project for the developer. Hence, they made sure to integrate world-class amenities and facilities that will add more value to your investment. Aside from the unique architectural design that was employed on the construction of the 8 towers, the facilities and amenities will enable you to maximize your condo living experience in this property.

First off, the architectural masterpiece that is a three-storey clubhouse is one of the main amenities available for the residents of Commonwealth in Quezon City. This three-storey complex provides adequate space for any type of event. At the same time, the modern architecture makes the clubhouse an attraction of itself and a valuable addition to the entire condominium.

The central area flanked in the middle of the 8 towers in Commonwealth is also filled with several amenities that can be used by residents for their own enjoyment. Whether you are looking to energize yourself or relax and meditate, there is an amenity for you. It starts off with the basketball court, which is located right next to the clubhouse. This full-sized basketball court is the ideal place to go to for those who want to stay active and get energized. If basketball is not your cup of tea, there are also badminton courts available at the condominium. If you are looking for a next level type of fitness activity, there is also an athletic boot camp available for residents to use. This indoor fitness center is equipped with stretching bars, fitness benches, and other essential equipment to keep up with your fitness routine.

For a different kind of fitness, one that is a bit more relaxed and meditative in nature, you can go to the yoga deck. Located at the top of the clubhouse, this contemplation garden is the ideal place to go to if reflection and balance is what you seek. Speaking of reflection and meditation, there are several gardens that you can use as a spot to relax, enjoy the greenery and meditate.

Meanwhile, there is also an innovative water garden that is filled with recreational activities that your kids can enjoy. There is no need to travel to a resort because you can enjoy resort living at home. Another great spot to take your kids to is The Orchard. This area is comprised of three tree houses that are shaped like apples and are built with various material finishes. These are highlight pieces within the children’s playground at the central area between the 8 towers. There are slides, ladders and structures that will encourage your child to go out and play.

The endless list of innovative facilities and amenities available for use at Commonwealth by Century Properties does not end there. There are more options available including a study and library, arts and crafts studio, screening room, cooking studio, and a kindergarten or day care. In addition, the entire condominium property is supervised by a security team on a 24/7 basis. Hence, your family can be rest assured that they can live in a peaceful and safe community right at the heart of Quezon City.

The calm water manifests as a wading pool, kiddie pool, and koi pond within peaceful reflecting gardens that form at the northernmost point of the development. Adjacent to this is the clubhouse with full fitness center, spa and not one but two full size indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

  • Theatre Room
  • Fitness Gym
  • Creche & Kindergarten
  • Basketball Court
  • Pool
  • Study & Library Room
  • Badminton Court
  • Arts & Crafts Studio
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Water intensifies at the Rapids with Commonwealth by Century's second pool area. The heightened energy of the water stimulates and quickens the senses.

Designed specifically for water sports like water volleyball, water basketball, water slides, beach volleyball and children's play area, the Rapids will truly be a place of movement and grace.

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